i see through you

H&M mesh top, John Varvatos USA pants, PS Paul Smith loafers, vintage Ray-Bans. Photos by Vy Le.

I believe I have mentioned this before where I stated that as much as I love navy, I also love black. These two colors just exude two completely and almost opposite feelings. Navy can be sophisticated but it is a much more approachable color when someone sees you in navy than black; black, therefore, is a much more serious color and can appear intimidating. The irony is that black can also be seen as timeless and sleek. 

If anyone knows me, this is a look that I have never done before wearing something perforated alone. Perhaps this is a clubbing top? I wouldn't know, because I don't go clubbing. However, yes, it is perhaps a sexier look, but I can definitely make it more demure by wearing a white dress shirt underneath. I shall show you that look another time and please tell me what you think (if anyone is reading this). 


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