spring 2013 trends / camo in nature

Zara camouflaged shirt, United Colors of Benetton pants, Brooks Brothers belt, vintage 80's Ray-Ban sunglasses, Zara brogue boots. Photos by Lianne Borthwick.

I am not much of a person who strictly has to follow current trends, because I truly believe trends are not meant for everyone, and you can never get tired of classic pieces; however, that does not mean I cannot enjoy certain trends. Even I get sick of wearing navy all the time although I love navy and never would get rid of it. 

I wanted to do a special segment of spring 2013 menswear trends that usually GQ covers every season (click here for the trends report). I wanted to actually check in my closet what trends I already have that make me "current." This is one of the trends, camouflage! I bet you guys are surprised at my wearing camouflage. The man in navy is in camouflage?! Although camouflage is a trend, camouflage can also be seen as a classic style since camouflage has existed for a very long period of time with its practical purpose. I guess you can say people now wear it for practical and fashion reasons. 

Regarding trends, I have to agree with Peter Som who once said in an interview that not all trends are meant for everyone; choose the trends that work for you, and why feel obligated to do all the trends? 


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