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If you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen the second photo. I just wanted to discuss further about my first experience as a "stylist," or let's say, fashion consultant, where a friend approached me who needed assistance with her closet. She needed advice on what would look good on her as well as a quick closet edit. 

If you need to clean out your closet (and I am sure most of you do, including me) and you do not have someone like me, you can follow some tips or strategies I devised myself in approaching to cleaning your closet. 

First, you need to have four piles of clothes: the "donation" pile, the "trash" pile, the "keep" pile, and the "alteration" pile. These piles are pretty much self-explanatory, but what might differ from what most people would say is that I include an "alteration" pile where there are articles of clothing that you can get altered to look better and fit you better; I mean, let's not waste clothes. 

Secondly, try to keep most of your clothes on hangers (except sweaters since that will stretch them) as a way for you to be able to view a majority of your closet so that you will not just have piles of clothes that you never wear. Also, try to organize your clothes by color, style, and type of clothing. For example, let's say one category is blouses and within that category, you have subcategories such as solid colors, patterns, stripes, short sleeves, etc. 

Lastly, try to keep your closet as organized, clean, and beautiful as possible. The more attractive and organized it looks, the more you want to keep up appearance (of your closet). Pun intended. Plus, your closet will be so accessible and will be an enjoyable experience every time you pick out your clothes! My client said she will change her hangers to match! 

Unfortunately, I cannot get into the aspect of my tips on what looks good on you and fashion trends since there are so many things out there, but please feel free to e-mail me if you have any fashion questions. I hope I can help based on my own experience and observations on fashion. 


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