mister stag goes to sequoia

I am not much of an outdoors-y person, or perhaps not at all, but I think I still can have a great appreciation of our God-given, natural environment. I went to the Sequoia National Park not having realized how vast the park was that it was frightening. Let's say that I got lost on a hiking trail that nearly made me fear that I could have been stuck in the gigantic park for days. Be prepared when you go on a big hiking trail! I do not mean to scare you entirely that you would not even consider visiting the beautiful Sequoia National Park. 

As a fashion-conscious man, I will tell you that this trip is not the place or time to be tremendously "fashionable." The rather warm weather and human flesh-loving bugs led me to not care much of my attire and appearance as you will be able to tell on the very last photo below. 

Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park. Persol sunglasses, Lululemon top.


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