style tip / lose the belt (sometimes)

Hanes tagless tee, Sisley wool pants, Brooks Brothers belt

I think everyone knows by now that a belt is not a "necessity," or at least not always a functional accessory to one's wardrobe. We don't all wear belts to actually hold up our pants; it is more a fashion accessory that some choose to match with their shoes (or not), or it is just an added accessory. 

I don't hate belts, but I find most of my outfits do not need a belt. How so? I have always loved the whole minimal look where you wear solids and minimally detailed (or hidden-detailed) clothing. If you were to wear bright solids, you would say I would like the whole color-blocking minimal look. My love for minimalism is obvious when I love designers like Calvin Klein, Jil Sander, Dior Homme, Marni, and Narciso Rodriguez (for the ladies). 

Back to answering the question, with color-blocking, the belt just adds another color or element to one's wardrobe which is not necessary or "minimal" to one's look. I will have to say not all pants look good without belts; particular pants that do look well without belts usually have the European tab enclosures (the one with the hook that does not show any front button). Having that hidden button in your front closure gives a cleaner and more seamless look to achieve the look of minimalism. 

I think a good example of a designer collection that does not need any belts would be Mr. Alexander Wang. All that black and neutral colors, there is no need for a belt for his outfits. 

If you need some examples, check out Jil Sander Men's spring/summer 2011 collection here. (No need to do the bright colors if you are not the daring type or if you simply don't like it.)

Okay, I used the word "minimalism" and "minimal" too much in this post. What a mouthful. 

How do you take your belt off? See how I do it my way below. (Looks like I'm wrestling with my belt.)


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