south coast plaza holds dior couture exhibit

South Coast Plaza had this beautiful box in the center of its Jewel Court where each wall had a different photographic background of flowers. One wall was even white orchids which South Coast Plaza perhaps intentionally had real white orchids in planters surrounding the Jewel Court. This floral-covered box happened to be a limited exhibit on the history of Dior Couture through photographs from fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Also, inside the exhibit holds two couture dresses where one was designed by Christian Dior himself and another from the current head designer, Raf Simons. 

For a moment, I felt like I was in France with the exhibit's video on couture showcasing the Dior atelier in Paris where someone was speaking French about Dior's appreciation of couture. Also, there was classical music playing in the background, and what was the exhibit's choice of song? Why, what else other than Beethoven's dramatic Moonlight Sonata (Piano Sonata No. 14). Of course, perhaps some would think a French classical composer would have been more appropriate, like Chopin. At the moment, for me, when I heard Moonlight Sonata, I thought it was the most appropriate song that I could imagine to express Christian Dior's emotion of his adoration for couture. 

I apologize that I really don't have any photos of the exhibit inside. I am not even sure if I was allowed to have taken photos inside. 


  1. Wasn't it beautiful Steven. I could have stayed there all day!

    1. Yes, it was indeed beautiful! It makes me feel that I should visit exhibits and museums more often.






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