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Crafts Essentials: wrapping paper, scissors, tape (matte or glossy), double-sided tape

If you want your gift to look professional, I suggest that you use good wrapping paper, such as kraft paper (can be found at Staples, Michael's, Paper Source, and Home Depot, to name a few) or any thick wrapping paper so that it won't show as much crinkles, and it will be easier to wrap. I would also avoid foil or shiny papers since those wrinkle very easily; every mistake shows!

Secondly, I use double-sided tape and regular tape because regular tape helps wrap the gift very tightly, and the double-sided tape is good to avoid showing the tape at the end result of wrapping the gift. 
Lay your gift with the back side up. Make sure your wrapping paper is big enough to cover all sides. 

Tape the center of your gift with regular tape. Push with one hand to tightly wrap the gift.  

Pinch all edges of the gift box with two fingers (thumb and index finger) to create a crease that allows the gift to be tightly wrapped. I suggest that you do not use your nails because that makes ugly creases if you pinch too much with your nails. If you are even more particular, you can even use a bone folder and scoreboard to make the creases, but I think that takes a long time and most likely unnecessary. 

If your paper is cut unevenly, fold the wrapping paper to make a crease and a nice straight line before wrapping your gift with double-sided tape.

Use one long strip of double-sided tape instead of multiple pieces of double-sided tapes to avoid ripples. 

Pull tightly to seal your gift with double-sided tape. Make sure you have creased all sides of the box. 

For the ends of the gift box, fold both the left and right sides of the wrapping paper.

Crease the bottom portion of the wrapping paper, but make sure that you pushed the wrapping paper closely to the box.

Make sure all edges are creased. 

Push the top portion of the wrapping paper down first. 

If your top portion of the wrapping paper is too long, snip it! I suggest you not to fold it since that will create bulk when you are entirely done wrapping the sides of your gift.

Seal with regular tape.

This is one method to wrapping the sides. Fold it to create a nice envelope-like finish. 

Use double-sided tape to seal it since you don't want the tape to show. Remember to pull tightly and crease the bottom edge of the gift.

This is the end result of the first way to wrap the side of your gift. 

This is another way to do the side where you fold it over at the bottom edge of side. Which look do you prefer? I personally don't care which one. I fold in the middle when I know I measured the wrapping paper exactly where the fold looks perfectly symmetrical and centered. However, the second type of folding where you fold at the bottom edge is more forgiving and hides mistakes better; this one, you don't need to have measured your wrapping paper perfectly. The second one, I guess, is perfect for those who cannot cut wrapping papers evenly. 

That's it! I hope that was helpful, and I hope you enjoyed it. This is perfect just in time for Mother's Day if you opt to wrap a gift for her instead of get her candies, chocolates, or flowers.


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