navy and white

Club Monaco heather cardigan, G2000 button-down shirt, Yaly Couture tailored suit pants, Persol 649 tortoise sunglasses, Omega Speedmaster watch. 

For the people who personally know me (and I think readers notice this as well), I love navy. Navy is a color that I link with sophistication and timelessness. I have heard girls talk about how navy can be boring, but I think for men, it is different; it may seem boring at first, but I think you will look back to realize the timelessness and classic appeal of the color. I remember watching an episode of The Martha Stewart Show when she still had it on Hallmark Channel, and she had a guest who owns a suit shop in New York who said that no man can look bad in navy. Why, you might ask? Because it isn't black. Believe it or not, black isn't for everyone; it may seem "slimming" for your figure as they always say for the gals, but that doesn't mean it always looks great. Plus, there are a million shades of black, and the richest shade is always the best unlike the faded or lighter ones. However, I have to admit, I think black does have its appeal especially to Asian people because of the compatibility with our eye color and hair color. I recently thought about how perhaps your hair color and your eye color could be included as part of your color palette of what you wear, such as black hair with black shoes, brown eyes with a brown suit, etc. 

Ugh, my flaring nostrils and strained look. 


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