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Zara faux fur-lapeled double-breasted coat, gray suit pants, and brogue boots; Versace Classic viscose top.

I traded my American style for a European for the day since it was rather chilly and windy. The way I interpret my American fashion and European fashion is mostly through colors. Although American and European fashion both utilize a lot of colors, I tend to think of American style with colors like navy, red, white, beige, and so forth; Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers are good examples of American fashion. European fashion tends to be on the more serious color palette and seem dressier; I think of a lot of blacks and grays. Examples would be Giorgio Armani and Balenciaga. I know some of you will argue Europeans use more colors than Americans; however, let's say this: American fashion has a preppier feel than European fashion. 

Strange to see an almost all-black ensemble from me instead of navy, eh? 


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