instagram / jeans-and-a-tee kind of day

HUGO Hugo Boss heather gray tee. Energie jeans. Y-3 sneakers.

Believe it or not, I do have my days where I do not feel like dressing up and I want to just be casual; this was that kind of day. This is one of my favorite tees since it is so soft and stretchy (but does not lose elasticity). I have to admit, HUGO Hugo Boss makes the best tees when it comes to softness! I also love pairing this kind of outfit because I tend to like to match for a uniform look that some may find boring, but I find clean and sometimes timeless; I therefore have a heather-gray tee with a pair of jeans that shows its grain and heather-ish mixture. So what was my matching quality? Heather! I love heather with heather. Also, floral with floral, stripes with stripes, etc. You get the gist. 


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