tucked-in sweater

Fountain Valley, CA. J.Crew fair isle sweater, Yaly Couture tailored suit pants. Self-photographed.

Lately, for this winter season, I have been obsessed with tucking in my sweater or practically any kind of tops I have. I think most would think that tucking in your top is just about looking clean-cut, but there is another reason why I do so. I particularly like to tuck in my tops with my mid-waist or high-waist pants, because it makes me appear taller. It is definitely flattering if any of you know the 8-head proportion when it comes to drawing the human figure where the 3:5 ratio looks ideal, because you have the long legs and the shorter upper body proportion; therefore, this is exactly what tucking in your top with your mid-waist or high-waist pants does to your body appearance! This may not work for all body types, but it's worth a try to see if it works. 

Plus, doesn't this remind you of how Bruce Lee used to tuck in his tops? So old-school I am, indeed. 


  1. Pull it together with some natty suspenders, too!






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