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Imperial Fiber Pomade, Imperial Classic Pomade.

If anyone knows me, I probably have a problem with hair products. I feel the need to find the perfect product for my hair. My hair is not the typical Asian hair where it is straight, flat, and thin; mine is quite the contrary. It is wavy, coarse, and full. Of course, I think no one is truly ever happy with what he or she already has when it comes to one's own hair, physical features, or body.

Anyway, I finally found one product that I think works well for the slick-back, wet look I want: Imperial pomade! There are plenty of pomade products out there in the market, but this, by far, is my favorite since it is water-soluble; therefore, it does not feel too greasy throughout the day and does not leave the annoying sticky feeling after washing the product out of your hair like most pomade products that seem to require multiple times of awfully thorough washing of your hair. I use the Classic Pomade when I want my hair to be really slick and straight while the Fiber Pomade is used when I want my natural waves to be shown although I rarely want the wavy, wet look. I prefer the dry look if I leave my hair wavy, but I haven't found the right product yet for that! 


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