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Williams-Sonoma South Coast Plaza, CA. Umbro by Kim Jones track jacket, DKNY chinos.

If any of you recall, Nigella Lawson used to be on Food Network before they stopped airing it for the American audience. I remembered how detail-oriented she was and how the show was beautifully filmed, especially the food shots. 

She was a sweet person in real and seemed very elegant and sophisticated in the manner how she carries herself and how she looks. I understand her love for Italian food, and that is what her latest cookbook Nigellissima is about, but ironically, I remembered watching an episode of her show about something chocolate-y and perhaps it was a Christmas episode. I had to tell her how we shared a fondness of chocolate, and I know she simply adores chocolate just judging the way she passionately talked about it in that episode, but what do you know? She did include a chocolate recipe in her latest book! She suggested me to try out her chocolate olive oil cake recipe! I will let you guys know how it is once I make it! 

Steven, the camera is over here! No, here! Ah! 


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