memories / me & aloha rag's tatsugo yoda

04.14.11 A'maree's, Newport Beach, CA. Club Monaco sleeveless sweatshirt, Banana Republic long-sleeve polo.

I wanted to post this old photo of me and Aloha Rag's founder and buyer, Tatsugo Yoda. I loved talking to him, especially hearing how passionate about the clothing line he now has called AR. He is a hardcore structuralist and minimalist which I love. I have always loved minimalism and subtle details in clothing that make maximal impact. Definitely check out his latest collection on Some of his men's collection is also sold at A'maree's in Newport Beach, California. He also has a women's collection, ladies! His entire collection is made in Japan and with the utmost quality. Love that! Expect nothing but the best. 

I honestly don't remember why we were laughing our heads off. Perhaps my camera released the laughing gas.


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